• $1/month Website Benefits You Need To Know

    What is your purpose to have a website? If it's just for giving information to your customer about your company service, address or displaying your merchandise, you do not have to use complicated website features. It's all covered with this $1/month. Here are the benefits the cheapest create website in the world!

    1. Free & Unlimited Hosting: The space that provide is absolutely free! No hidden fees at all.No matter what type of your stuffs is, but you must follow the rules. No porn, no gambling, no hate speech and other negative things. This benefits is for image files.

    2. Unlimited bandwidth: Yes! it's absolutely unlimited without any terms and conditions. If you use or buy shared hosting, at least cost $40/year, it will gives you limited bandwidth. Even some of them provide unlimited bandwidth, but that must be with specific terms and conditions.

    3. Technical Support by GOOGLE's Engineers: Are we kidding? Absolutely not! Blogger is one of google free service that usually used by blogger to post their daily activities, thoughts and so on. But some programmers, maximize it so we can use it as an online store, company profile and so on. So, you dont need to worry about maintenance, you dont even need to learn hard to start it. You can learn while doing it.  ALL HANDLED BY GOOGLE!

    4. Easy to use: If you can register facebook or other social media platform, then you should be able to do this! Designed by GOOGLE's engineers  to make all features easy to use, even if you just typical internet user only, not an IT guy.

    5. Well written script: The script is a well written in website language made by professional developer, well designed that perfect for multipurpose website.

    6. Allowed ads: If you want to get an extra money from your website, they allow you to place advertising on your website.

    7. Free  advertisement: By default, they're not automatically put advertisement as sponsors. While you, can place any advertisement on our site.
    8. Easy to change domain name:
    9. 99.99% secure from virus and attack:
    10. Does not need programming skill at all.