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Top 5 Palm WebOs Application

Palm’s official webOS app store has long provided, at the App Catalog’s only 30 apps available. There are a lot more webOS apps available through unofficial application other than the official store. So, here are top 5 free apps that should be running on every webOS phone.

1. Facebook 1.2.1

Facebook’s webOS app lets you view your news feed, upload photos, run searches, and browse profiles, in addition to having the usual status-update bar. Facebook is also tightly integrated into the camera application and lets you easily upload photos and videos from your phone directly to Facebook. You’re addicted to Facebook now? You want share the status today with your friends, family, or the other peoples? Try downloading this app!!

(You should check the compatibility of your mobile phone before downloading this software)

2. Preware 0.7.8 Alpha

Preware is a very useful application for Palm owners, it is an open-source package management system which allows the user to download and install homebrew apps and utilities with one touch. There are many methods available for app installation, depending on your personal preference.

3. Tweed

Tweed is an application Twitter clients available for the WebOS. It supports searches, trends, location and has a very good notification with existing system on Palm. The application also supports multiple account so that we can open several accounts Twitter.

4. Evernote

Evernote is an application that can be used timers to record anything that we find both on the web or we make own record and then we can stored on Evernote account and we are also able to retrieve all the records we have stored in our Ecernote account.

5. Grooveshark

Grooveshark users will be pleased to know that their favorite music available online and streaming services available to them webOS phone. This application lets you search for songs that you like, save it as a playlist and then sync them to Grooveshark to listen anywhere. Unlike the Apple App Store while not offering anymore Grooveshark because copyright issues, the application remains available from the App Catalog Palm.

That’s all a few applications from hundreds of applications on Palm webOS that I recommend, there are many more applications that have not you know that can be used in Palm webOS.

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