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Nokia C3-00 Update To The Newest Software 07.20 From Your Phone

For Nokia C3-00 user, it’s very important to get the newest update of the phone software for better performance improvements and usability improvements. There are two ways to update it, that is directly from your Nokia phone and update Nokia software using computer or PC. If you want to update directly from your phone read the  instruction from Nokia official site below.

Use your phone’s SW update feature to get software updates over the air – no PC needed.

Please note that not all device updates are available over-the-air. To see the latest version for your phone, see the “Can I Update” section of Device Software Updates.

For detailed instructions on updating software using your particular device, please consult your user guide.

“Can I Update” section of Device Software Updates steps:

First step
Start by entering this code on your Nokia device’s keypad
Note: This code may not function on all devices. For detailed instructions on finding out the software version on your particular device, please consult your user guide.

Second step
If you are able to select Options, you may Check for updates immediately and update using only your device. You need not perform the remaining steps.
Otherwise, your display will show your current software version number (e.g. V 12.3.456). Please write this down – you’ll need it to complete the next step.

Last step
To find what the latest available device software is, you’ll need your device’s product code. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery (e.g. CODE: 0520001).

You can read the entire update instruction from Nokia site.


  1. I have also nokia c3-00, I had to update my software and your post has given me a best support.

    Thanks For your support.

  2. Hi,tanx for yoursite
    i need your help for update my nokia C3-00
    when i download new version(7.20) my phon get restar and when trun on agin i see “unable inestall”
    i want know abute how i can install 7.20 in my phon by use mobile not pc???
    Pleas help me dear…

    • Hi Danial, thx for coming here.
      About your problems, there are too many possibilities, could be the file corrupt because of bad connection, temporary busy server site, etc. How many times did you tried to update ? Can you explain here what steps that you have done before ?

      • I am having the same problem. My mobile goes blank with only ‘test mode’ written and on the PC, it shows that the software couldn’t be updated. I had to remove my battery to make my mobile work properly again. I am trying to update from version 4 to version 7.

        Can you help me update?

        PS: Can you notify me on my email or twitter ( @Areeeeb) that you have done so.

  3. Please can i get the software for the installation, i tried ovi suite to no avail, i tried through the phone the same thing happened! Could you forward the firware to my email so i can complete the update and enjoy the full services? Looking forward to your response

  4. Pls i need softwares and games for my c300.i tried downloading games from other sites like sharemobile but the games are always showin application error.pls send me the neccesary numbers and stuff needed to make it possible for me to download recent and nice games for my C300 v07.20

  5. my phone udater is showing me the msg that no udates is available… my current version is 4.45 waht i should do????

  6. same problem as areeb has cannot update the version 4 to 7 plzz help me quickly

  7. Hi
    I have Nokia C3-00 , I had to update my software . please sending your software to my Email

  8. same problem
    i am unable to update version 4.45 to 7

  9. I want to download latest updates for my nokia c3 but i dont know the site…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I want to update my Nokia C300
    Plz help me and let me know how to update my softwerw withot

  11. have c3-00 with 7.20 version i want to update it because i am not able to use whatsapp on this version

  12. i need to know how to update my nokia c3

  13. Plz sent me C3 update software

  14. I want to know how to update my c3 phone… Please help me 09054848838/09217131236

  15. Please send me Nokia C3-00 software V. 7.20. to my e-mail ???

    [email protected]

  16. I need the latest software

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