Most Popular Download Free Java Mobile Games (Reach million times downloads)

Do you looking for free java mobile games to download? If it so, maybe you should try the list java games below, I was search for free java games and found the list at Maybe you interested to use it too, because it has reach  more than million times download it’s java games platform, so if your mobile phones support for jad and jar file, maybe you can use it, because I have no supported mobile phone list for this java games list below. The list are Taxi!, Soldier 1945, Zelda and Chess. To download those each free java games, click on image or the link that provide. Hope you like it.


Taxi Free Java Mobile Games screenshot

Download link for Taxi! java games :



Soldier 1945

Soldier 1945 screenshot

Download link :


  • Download Soldier 1945 free java games from mobile phone, type – code: 5268



Zelda Download link :




Chess java games download link :