Download Uber Social Twitter for Blackberry, iPhone, and Desktop

Uber Social Twitter is a free application for mobile twitter social internet needs, according to it’s developer, it can use for Blackberry, iPhone, and Desktop and it’s available to download for free. Read the front page of official Ubber Social Twitter site quote, The world’s most popular Twitter app has a new name! UberTwitter is now UberSocial, reflecting its broadening reach as a key social communications tool. In addition to its industry-leading functionality for sending and reading tweets, you can now post rich media to Facebook. We are also opening beta for a new desktop version of UberSocial that takes full advantage of the larger screen environment to deliver a vastly richer real-time experience. Our apps are enjoyed by millions of users, so join the Twitter revolution and download UberSocial to your phone and desktop today! Best of all it’s FREE!

UberSocial – uber social twitter

Below I got the link to Download Uber Social Twitter for Blackberry, iPhone, and Desktop.

Download Uber Social Twitter for Blackberry

BlackBerry OS version 4.2.1
BlackBerry OS version 4.3
BlackBerry OS version 4.5
BlackBerry OS version4.6 Devices (Bold, new Curves)
BlackBerry OS version4.7 Devices (Storm, Tour)
BlackBerry OS version 5.0 (Storm, Tour, new Bold, and others)
BlackBerry OS version 6.0 (Torch, Curve 3G, Pearl 3G)

For 7.0 Devices (Bold 9900,9930, Torch 9810, 9850, 9860, Curve 9350, 9360, 9370)

If you want to installed using BlackBerry Desktop Manager, download, than unzip ubersocial file and use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to add the correct build to your device. When you unzip it, there will be a directory structure created with different builds for each version of the BlackBerry Operating System. The builds are in subdirectories with the directory name being the version of the build, for example 4_3 has the build for OS version 4.3, 5_0 has the build for OS version 5.0 devices.

You can download Ubersocial twitter for iPhone from app store via this page, and uber social download for desktop visit this page.