iPad 1 VS iPad 2

iPad 1 VS iPad 2 – After great success with the product iPad, Apple has launched the latest generation iPad, known as the iPad 2. If at first glance, nothing special about this iPad 2. However, it must be admitted that within one year of age iPad 1 can not be rivaled by similar product categories. Reliability, the power of this product on an impressive display technology. However, Apple did not stay idle, at least the addition of three-axis gyro sensor will increase the bloom using a variety of future applications. Although, this sensor has been widely used by the Android device. What are the differences compared to its predecessor? Here I will describe below.

From the design, IPad Screen 2 is still the same as the original iPad screen, which is 9.7 “. However, the thickness of the iPad 2 decreased by 33%. iPad 2 is now only 8.8 mm thick, compared with iPad 1 has thick  13.4 mm. Weight iPad 2 also fell from 1.5 pounds (680.38 grams) to 1.3 pounds (589.67 grams). It’s not easy to cut to 8.8 mm, for surely will relate to the use of multiple chips. The result is very significant, Once confirmed as the thinnest tablet devices. The colors offered by Apple iPad2 are black and white, available simultaneously. The connectivity edition provided is the WiFi only, WiFi + 3G GSM and CDMA EVDO + WiFi.

Two other things that give significant difference is the processor and the use of cameras. IPad 2 processor has been upgraded to dual-core processor 1 GHz A5. This processor makes iPad 2 two times faster than previous models. In addition, the GPU is also expandable so that the performance is increased by 9 times compared iPad 1. Meanwhile, from camera section,  iPAD 2 presents the front and rear cameras. Front of the camera with the ability to record VGA-quality 30 fps (perfect for video calls), while the rear camera can record 720p video complete with sound. In addition, the rear camera is also capable of 5x zoom for taking photos. Provided also features geotagging. The camera factor is not actually addressed  for a photo shoot, but to accommodate the interests of the use of FaceTime features. The application uses a video codec H-264 or AAC. While the signal using a VoIP protocol. FaceTime so different from the normal video call using 3G network GSM. The cost is certainly quite expensive. while FaceTime using the Internet base.

And, still in comparison of iPad 1 and iPad 2. From the price, you do not need to worry, because the iPad 2 sold at a price equal to the iPad 1, about $ 500 for 16 GB version Wifi. This has reportedly resulted in a plunge iPad price $ 100, to $ 500 – $ 100 = $ 400.

Here are the specifications of each iPad 1 vs iPad 2.

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